Welcome! We are Sika Class and we are Y5 and Y6 pupils

Dear Parents and Carers of Sika Class,

Here are some of the curriculum highlights for us to look forward to.

Have you ever taken a trip down the Rio Grande or even the Grijalva–Usumacinta? These are just two of the most important rivers that flow through Mexico and we’ll be exploring these and other important geographical features as we take a trip to this amazing South American country (without leaving the classroom)! Our trip will also include taste testing some exciting and vibrant Mexican food flavours and creating our very own zingy dishes.

Looking back in time, we will be focusing on Islamic Civilizations and the impact their evolution had on their localities and on a wider global scale.

We’ll be revisiting online safety, making sure we build positive relationships both online and protecting ourselves against any potential cyber-bullying. Finally, in science, we’ll be going from the power of physics to the exciting world of chemistry – get ready for some amazing experiments!

Year 6 pupils will be sitting their SATS in four weeks time whilst Year 5’s continue with their curriculum learning. We shall also be going on our school residential trip and later in the term we shall visit Lego Land, which links with our Science and computing for the term. In amongst all of this learning, we shall begin rehearsing for the KS2 Performance and Year 6 will be participating in leavers events during the course of the final Summer Term, so please look out for dates over the next few months.

Homework in Sika Class will continue to be emailed home weekly using Gmail. It will be sent home every Friday and to be handed in the following Thursday. Further information about homework can be found inside your child’s reading diary and homework exercise book.
Reading – Children should read, with an adult, at least 2 pages of their reading book per day. Please record their progress in the reading diary each day to enable your child to earn their reading awards. Inside the reading diary are a list of books we recommend the children should read to increase their reading and writing quality. You will also find a list of questions to ask your child after each reading session to help them develop inference skills to support SATS. G.C.S.Es (eventually!) and more importantly, develop their love for reading!

Maths – The children will be given a variety of online activities, games, practical activities and worksheets to reinforce their learning.

Useful and fun websites are

All maths homework should be completed using a standard writing pencil and ruler.

Writing – Children are expected to complete their writing homework activities independently after a discussion about what they need to achieve. However please encourage children to spell the High Frequency Words correctly (a list can be found on the inside of the homework book). We do like the children to challenge themselves to use higher level vocabulary learned within class and through reading. Work should be completed using handwriting pen or pencil.

Spellings – Please note, we are altering our method of learning spellings, please look out for further information on your child’s Gmail account in the next two weeks.

Topic – Occasionally topic homework will be sent home which will incorporate a variety of the children’s skills. As a result of this, the children will be given extra time. Further information will follow in due course.

Pupils will need to have their PE kit in school at all times. This is to ensure that it is available to change into when needed. For this term we will be running PE on a Friday. If the children need to take home their trainers for out of school sport, they are very welcome to but they must bring their trainers back into school on PE days.

The children need to have red shorts or tracksuit bottoms, a plain white T.Shirt and trainers. As the weather is cooler, the children may also need a plain red sweater or the school hoodie. If possible, please can the children also have a change of socks for P.E. As always please ensure all clothing including socks are labelled. You would be surprised where clothes can end up, no matter how careful we all seem to be! If children do not have P.E kit, they will be provided with spare kit where possible.

Water bottles
Children are allowed to bring bottles to school (please also ensure they are labelled). During the day the children should only have water. Any fresh juices should only be consumed with lunch time food.

Further information about school trips will follow in due course.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Mrs Pinnegar and Mrs Armstrong

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