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Chilton Foliat Primary School Enrichment Campaign

Chilton Foliat CE VA Primary School has gone from strength to strength since it first began 250 years ago this year. We are exceptionally proud of our long history of educating incredible children who have gone on to do extraordinary things both locally and far beyond. It is the school’s privilege to teach them in their most formative years. 

We have launched the Chilton Foliat Primary School Enrichment Fund to financially support the school to continue to deliver the high standard of education we all expect. There is much in the media about how much financial pressure is on schools nationwide, and as a small village primary school this is particularly challenging. The ‘funding formula’ is determined by the Department for Education and managed by the Local Authority. Our income is based on the number of pupils on roll in the previous year on a census day, and the school is then allocated funding for the following year, based on this number. Over the last 5 years our numbers on roll have fluctuated between the 80s and well over 100, and these fluctuations have a significant impact on the budget. 

Despite our success at securing capital grants, sadly, year on year, we are finding it more difficult to resource our small rural school in the way we believe best meets the needs of the children. We believe education goes far beyond the national curriculum; we highly value our French lessons, our IT infrastructure, extra-curricular activities, inter-school competitions, excursions, and more, all of which provide opportunities for our children to develop and thrive. We are unwilling to make compromises that impact on our provision, however with government funding alone, we are under pressure to do so. Our children deserve the best we can offer them, not the compromises dictated by our school budget.

Many schools, both in the area and nationwide, have introduced fundraising campaigns to encourage donations and grants directly to the school, thus providing an additional income stream to top up and support the school with resources and experiences that contribute to a broad and balanced education. The Governing Body has taken the decision to follow in the path of so many schools before us and introduce an Enrichment Fund. We are asking parents, alumni, businesses, charities, members of our community and anyone who would like to make a positive impact on our wonderful children, to contribute to this fund, either with a one-off or more regular donation.

It is hoped the Enrichment Fund will provide an additional source of funding to support the school, so it can continue to provide the best possible start to our children’s primary education that we can.

We understand, especially in these challenging times, that a financial contribution may not be possible, however we are hoping there may be some within our community who feel they can, which would be incredibly appreciated. Whatever the amount of the donation, it will make a difference and we are very grateful for your support.

To donate, please see the attached donation form. Please complete this, particularly if we can claim Gift Aid to boost your generous gift. Completed forms can be returned to the school office addressed to the admin team or via the email address: finance@chiltonfoliat.wilts.sch.uk

Should you have any questions about the Enrichment Fund or about how you can support our school, please contact Sam Wolcough via email on: chair@chiltonfoliat.wilts.sch.uk or call on 07876 575606

Thank you, as always, for continuing to support our school

Sam Wolcough

On behalf of The Governing Body

Enrichment Fundraising Campaign Donation Form

Chilton Foliat CE VA Primary School

Chilton Foliat CE VA Primary School