Welcome! We are Roe Class  

Dear Roe Class Children, Parents and Carers,

Welcome to the Summer Term!

We hope that you all had a restful Easter break and are refreshed and ready for the final two terms of the year. The Summer Term is always busy with many exciting events and preparations for the end of the school year, as well as looking forward to making the transition into year one.

This term our curriculum theme is ‘World Outside my Window’. It begins with a close look at our immediate environment and the plants and animals that live there. Of course, there will also be many more opportunities to use our fantastic outdoor area, including bug hunting and growing plants of our own from seeds and beans. Look out later in the term for some tiny visitors to our class!

To help us observe the environment more closely, we will be sketching, painting and making sculptures of different features of habitats and the creatures that live there. We’ll be learning about mobile sculptures too through the work of Alex Calder. The text ‘The Snail Trail’ will also support us to understand more about the work of Matisse and to make links with our mapping skills in maths.As we move into term 6, we’ll be taking a look at the wider world and comparing our environment with that of a seaside area. Be sure to bring some wellies for lots of sand and water investigations.

Part way through this term is themed week, “My World, Your World, Our World, One World”. During the week, water and the River Kennet will be a main focus. We’ll be thinking about our need for water and how precious this is as well as working alongside ARK on a river day. Through stories such as ‘Rainbow Fish’ and ‘Fidgety Fish’ we will learn about life in oceans and rivers, as well as developing our understanding of kindness, friendships and our Christian value ‘love’.

In phonics, we will have a short recap of the phase 3 digraphs before we begin phase 4 of our Unlocking Letters and Sounds programme. This phase teaches the reading of words with adjacent consonants. We’ll begin with words that have short vowel sounds, for example: – hand, went, pond, slug, frog then move onto words with long vowel sounds, for example: – toast, green, crown, snail.

In maths, we’ll be looking for patterns as we learn about numbers beyond ten. We’ll also be doubling and sharing numbers as well as exploring addition and subtraction. We’ll be developing spatial reasoning and direction through map making and activities in PE.

During terms 5 and 6, RE will focus on ‘What we can Learn from Stories’ and ‘Special Places’. Hopefully, we’ll be able to take a walk down to St Mary’s Church, but if not we’ll make a virtual tour to support our thoughts and reflections on what makes the church a special place for Christians. Ideas and understanding from all units of work will be extended to compare and reflect on how love is shown in the Bible and through our everyday lives.

Our PE day will remain on a Friday and the children should still come to school dressed in their PE kit for the summer term. As we approach our sport’s day, we may ask you to leave your child’s PE kit in school, so that we can take advantage of any good weather to brush up on our skills. We’ll write to you again if we need to do this. Please still remember to name and regularly check all clothing, as we often have a number of missing items.

Please do come and ask a member of the team if you need any further information or just want to chat about how your child is getting along. Also, look out for dates and times of any upcoming events.

With thankfulness, courage, and love, we strive to improve heart and mind.

Happy learning everyone,

Team Roe

Mrs Gibson, Mrs Stubbs, Miss Ingham, Mrs Hocking

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