Parent Information

Chilton Foliat is a small caring rural school that actively nurtures children’s education and we strongly believe, as their main educators, parents and guardians play an active part in their school life.

Children are dropped off in the playground at the start of the day. The gates open at 08.40am and you are welcome to stay until 08.50am when the children are encouraged to come into school independently with the rest of their class. This is a great opportunity to meet other parents and get to know people. This does not mean you are not welcome into school – you are welcome to come in and see your child’s teacher at any time outside of teaching hours. The children will come out into the playground at 3.20pm at the end of the school day where you are able to wait for them from 3.10pm.

We’ve put this section together to collate most, if not all of the information that both prospective and current parents need to know. Everything from supporting your child with home learning through to volunteering in our school is included.

But, if there is still something that is not clear, please speak directly to any staff member and they will do their best to help you.

Chilton Foliat CE VA Primary School

Chilton Foliat CE VA Primary School