Sports Funding

School PE and Sport Funding at Chilton Foliat Primary School 2017 to 2018

Activity, Sustainability, Community

Chilton Foliat Church of England VA Primary School has a positive, inclusive and proactive approach to all things “Sport”

The availability of School Sport Premium, is a fund provided by the government since 2013, designed to make sustained and enhanced provision for PE and Sport in schools. In the financial year 2017/2018 we received £13,202 The chart below shows you how it was spent.

Looking forward into the next financial year and as we continue to receive School Sport Premium, plans are already in place to maintain the variety of sporting and PE provision already in place and to investigate new opportunities, so that we can continue to make sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and sport the school is able to offer.

As a result of our spending we can see our pupils benefit in a number of ways. School Sport Premium provides the opportunity to:

  • Develop positive attitudes, attributes and skills which help with learning across the curriculum
  • Encourage positive behaviour, which promotes, inclusion and cohesion within and outside of the school community
  • Sustain improvement of health, well-being and achievement of personnel goals
  • Increase participation in club and community sport activities
  • Support an enjoyment of and ambition for competitive sports
  • Enables a continued commitment to deliver high quality PE and sport provision within every school day.

How we spent our School Sport Premium 2017/2018

Number of pupils & PE Grant received

Total number of pupils on roll (103 as at January 2017 census)
Total amount of PE Grant received £13,202 (plus rollover of £5592 at 1st April 2017) making a total of £18,794.


Record of actual PE Grant spending by item/project 2016-2017
Item/Project Cost Objectives
Specialist sport coaching £2,700 To enhance PE lessons and ensure the children and teachers are exposed to good quality coaching skills and practice.
Swimming £1232 For the children in Years 1 and 2 (+ Year 6 non-swimmers) to attend lessons, taught by qualified instructors at Hungerford Leisure Centre and to receive 1:1 support where needed
Change for Life £126 For the delivery of an After School Change for Life Club
Sports Equipment £468 To ensure that PE, playtimes, after-school clubs and sports day all have the resources needed.
Sports Equipment Storage 3535 Two sports storage sheds to keep existing and new equipment in good order and accessible to MDSA’s, Play Leaders and Teaching Staff.
PE conference £99 School Sports Leader (PLT) attended PE conference – upskilling and updating subject knowledge.
Dance Festival £204 To enable pupils to attend the Marlborough dance festival.
Contributions to cluster small school sports. £500 To enable pupils to take part in sports events and competitions with other small schools.
Gazebos £666 For sun safety, particularly for sporting events such as Sports Day.
Team kit for tournaments £202 So children can look good and feel proud when attending tournaments, matches and festivals.
Football Club £436 For the provision of an additional after school club, enabling access for all.
Prowise board for the hall £3035 The children will be able to watch videos in our REAL PE scheme to demonstrate how to perform certain skills. They will also be able to watch videos of themselves to evaluate their practice.

Music and videos can be played for dance.

Whole school Wake ‘n’ Shake can take place.

Total Spend £13,203