Welcome! We are some of the Yr4 children, plus all Y5 and Y6 pupils.

This term our topic is called “Vicious Vikings!” where we will be researching the Vikings and looking at why they settled in Great Britain. During Science, we will be investigating how light travels and how we see; plus we will be studying the life cycle of an eel, and other invertebrates which can be found in the River Kennet.  We will also be having approximately 50 eels to look after, within the classroom.  How exciting!

In English we will be using various topic related texts (including The Time-Travelling Cat and the Viking Terror by Julia Jarman) as a stimulus for our writing. The tasks may include: discussions, recounts of Viking events (e.g. the invasion of Lindisfarne), character descriptions, a time-slip story, book reviews and letters.  Our writing target this term is to use a variety of punctuation within all of our writing.  We are also expected to read at least 3 times a week, learn our weekly spellings and complete our writing homework.

Every week we are set Maths homework online via the Mathletics Maths Website.  Our teacher sets homework which reflects what is being done in the class. If we are unable to access our homework due to technical difficulties then it is our responsibility to inform our teacher and we will be expected to do it during our break times.  This term our Maths target is to know all multiplication tables and to be confident in the methods of calculation.

Finally, the Yr4 children are very excited about going to Oxenwood to attempt a variety of Outdoor Adventurous Activities with Mrs Jepson, Mrs Drew and Mrs Armstrong.  Whereas, the Yr5/6 are looking forward to going to the Science laboratories at Bayer, Reading to make their own DNA jewellery.