Welcome! We are some of the Yr4 children, plus all Y5 and Y6 pupils.

This term our topic is called “We Rock!” where we will be looking closely at The Stone Age and all things rocky…We will be researching changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age.  In particular, we will be exploring the archaeological site of ‘Skara Brae’ which can be found on the Orkney Islands.

In English we will be writing: descriptions, recounts of our trip to Avebury, a leaflet to persuade people to visit Avebury, a non-chronological report on a prehistoric animal and our own stories based in the Stone Age. As a class we will be reading a variety of books, including Ug by Raymond Briggs.  Our writing target this term is to write a variety of sentences using a mixture of conjunctions.

During Art we will be learning how to mix paint to create circular hues of colour, make our own paper mache rocks and decorate them by using Lascaux cave paintings.  Whilst in D.T. we will be investigating the evolution of a wheel and make a Stone Age cart in pairs.

Every week we are set Maths homework online via the Mathletics Maths Website.  Our teacher sets homework which reflects what is being done in the class. If we are unable to access our homework due to technical difficulties then it is our responsibility to inform our teacher and we will be expected to do it during our break times.

This term our Maths target is to know all multiplication tables and to be confident in the methods of calculation.

Finally, we are very excited to start a new way of learning PE by using the ‘Real PE’ resources and we are also looking forward to using all of the new technology which the school is purchasing for us to use.