Welcome! We are Sika Class and we are Y5 and Y6 pupils

Sika class is taught by Mrs Pinnegar

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back to Term 5! We have a very busy term with learning about the Ancient Greeks, and the impact they had on the world!

Please make sure you keep up to date with the news and events by reading emails, notes at the bottom of homework and making regular visits to the school website.

Homework – Homework in Sika Class is set weekly. However, due to the current COVID-19 situation, we will be emailing it home and the children complete it within their Homework books. At present, the books will not be collected in because of minimising risk. However, our IT Technician, Jo, will be setting up this system in conjunction with the school.

Reading – Children should reading at least 2 pages per day. Please record their progress within the reading log each day to enable your child to earn their Reading Awards. Inside the Reading Diary are a list of books we recommend the pupils should read to increase their reading and writing quality. You will also find a list of questions to ask your child after each reading session. Similar to the homework books, the reading logs will need to be kept at home and parents are responsible for emailing the school when your child has reached an award. The pupils will be allocated reading books, but once they are finished, the books will be quarantined in school for 72 hours, ready to be re – lent to another pupil.

Maths – The children will be given a variety of online activities, games, practical activities and worksheets to reinforce their learning. (via email) A particularly helpful and fun website is and

Writing – Children are expected to complete activities independently after a discussion about what they need to achieve. However please encourage children to spell the High Frequency Words correctly (found on the inside of the Homework Book). We do like the children to challenge themselves to use ‘higher level vocabulary’ which has been used within class or words they have identified through reading.

Spellings – Pupils will be set weekly spellings and will be tested throughout the week to ensure they are spelling them correctly. This is after observing that so many pupils spell words correctly within the test, but not necessarily within everyday written work!

Topic – Occasionally topic homework will be sent home which will incorporate a variety of the children’s skills. As a result of this, the children will be given extra time. Further information will follow in due course.


As another measure to combat COVID-19, pupils are expected to wear PE kit to school on Fridays instead of school uniform. The policy is red shorts or tracksuit bottoms, white or red plain t. shirt (or with school emblem) and trainers. Because PE will be outside, the pupils will also need a plain red sweatshirt or school hoodie as well. Our PE sessions will be run by Innov8 this year!


Children are allowed to bring bottles to school (please also ensure they are labelled).  During the day the children should only have water. Any fresh juices should only be consumed with lunch time food.

Final notes

We are in challenging times at the moment, so many routines have been altered to help end the pandemic we currently find ourselves in. Therefore, the pupils need to bring as little as possible because it will be stored on their table with them all day. This means small lunch boxes, no pencil cases, no bags and coats will be stored on the back of the pupils chairs. Please can you support us by encouraging your child to make the right choices. As the weather declines, we also ask the pupils to bring in either wellies or old shoes, so that we can ensure they are outside as much as the weather will allow us!

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you in advance for your support

Kindest regards

Mrs Pinnegar and Mrs Armstrong

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