Diary Dates

Skip to be Fit Workshop and Special assembly


Date: Monday 4th Nov
Time: All Day

The first day back after half-term, Monday 4th November, Mr Hughes has organised for Skip2BFit to come into school to work with each class alongside an assembly at the end of the day. This will then start a 6-week programme of skipping in school in the run up to Christmas!

The school will also be purchasing a skipping rope for each child that is to stay in school for practice at break and lunch times. They will be able to take it home to keep on the last day of term. 

Skip2BFit works by giving children 2 minutes to complete as many skips as they can. The skipping ropes count how many the children do. They get to practise as much as they want during the week at breaks and lunches. However, once a week,  at the start or end of a PE lesson, the children have a chance to beat their PB and record their new score on a display that I will give you. Once the 6 weeks are up, the children can see how much their scores have gone up and we will be giving a prizes for the most improved skipper 

Chilton Foliat CE VA Primary School

Chilton Foliat CE VA Primary School