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Secrets Room


Date: Friday 11th Dec
Time: 9:30 am - 12:30 pm

SSSSSSHHHHHH!! It’s almost time for the Christmas Secrets Room!!

Christmas Secrets Room next Friday 11th December

For those new to the school, this is a charming event where the children visit the ‘Secrets room’ and choose a gift for a loved one which is then wrapped up and taken home to put under the Christmas tree. To make this event a success and make sure every child has the chance to take part we need your help: 

–    Tuesday 8th December will be a non-uniform day at school. Instead of donating money for not wearing uniform we ask that each child donates a quality gift that is then used in the selection of presents for each class to choose from on the Friday. Please think about what you would like to donate in terms of something that you would like to receive. Yummy toiletries, candles, soaps, sweet treats, other gifts etc are all very welcome and don’t forget that some children also like to choose for daddy’s, siblings and grand parents. It is fantastic if we can have  a lovely range of presents for the children to choose from so please do send in something. 

–   On Friday 11th December please send your child(ren) to school with £2.00 each so that they can take part in this lovely event; for some of them their first chance at Christmas shopping! The children will come to the library in turn and choose a present for  a loved one, which they will then wrap up and bring home with them that afternoon to put under the Christmas tree! 

For this event to work we do need help on the morning (setting up the Secrets room, escorting children, helping them choose and wrap their presents). We need about 12 helpers altogether so if you can help then please email friendsofchiltonfoliat@gmail.com or let Freya Priddey-Chan know – mobile 07951484152

With thanks for all your support

The Friends

Chilton Foliat CE VA Primary School

Chilton Foliat CE VA Primary School