Diary Dates

Oxenwood Drama Day


Date: Friday 20th May
Time: All Day

Dear Parents

Please see the attached information regarding the Drama Day at Oxenwood this Friday. There is information regarding dropping the children off and also a program for the day.



Please could I remind parents that there is a £7.50 charge for the day and that the children must bring lunch.

Costumes are not essential (you will be transported magically back to the time of the early Saxons through a time warp) but if you could make a simple costume based on a belt around a big, plain t-shirt idea, that would be great. Also, if your child could make some goods to trade with at the market that would be amazing. Examples of goods are: flapjacks, small cakes, biscuits, friendship bracelets etc.

Many Thanks

Chilton Foliat CE VA Primary School

Chilton Foliat CE VA Primary School