Diary Dates

PGL Residential Liddington (Years 5 – 6)


Date: Monday 5th Feb
Time: All Day

Dear Parent/Guardian

I hope your child/ren are looking forward to the PGL residential next week as much as I am;. Just a few reminders:

– any medication must be handed to Mrs Smart on Monday morning with clear written instructions;

– all children must take a sleeping bag and a pillow;

– all children must bring sufficient clothes (lots of layers are the best) as we will be outside all day – we had snow 2 years ago!

– all children must bring a black dustbin bag to put dirty/muddy clothes in. All children will get muddy so again they need to have sufficient clothes to change into;

– no mobile phones or electronic devices to be taken. Children will have down time where they can play cards, Top Trumps, read a book, colour etc.

– Monday 5th February is a normal school day and the children need to be at PGL Liddington Centre for 4pm. Please meet me in the car park and NOT at Reception. I have a bright yellow SEAT car so you can’t miss me! This is a slight change from the original plan.

– All children are to be picked up from my yellow car at 2pm on Friday 9th Feb.

– Children are allowed to bring a maximum of £10 with them if they wish to spend on items in the PGL gift shop. All money should be a named wallet/purse and it is the child’s responsibility to look after it.

– All children will be expected to carry their own luggage upstairs to their accommodation.

I will endeavour to post daily updates onto the schools Facebook page. If you have any further questions please drop me an email on: psmart@chiltonfoliat.wilts.sch.uk or come and see me after school this week.

Many thanks
Mrs Smart

Chilton Foliat CE VA Primary School

Chilton Foliat CE VA Primary School