Children in Need Day


Date: Friday 17th Nov
Time: All Day

As part of the School Council initiatives for 2022/2023, three charities have been chosen which the
children would like to support and which reflect our values and our outward looking view of our world. The
first charity is Children in Need and we have allocated Friday 17th November 2023 as our Children in
Need Day. The School Council have been really proactive and have met to discuss the day. They have
agreed on a number of activities which will help raise funds for Pudsey. These are:

Wearing spotty clothes to school
Competition – Who can wear the most spots?
Putting money (coins) on a large picture of Pudsey
Competition – drawing a new outfit for Pudsey
Make a Pudsey money box and fill it with coins at home.

For all these events, children are asked to bring to school on Friday their financial donations to Children in
Need in the form of coins, gold, silver and bronze. Many thanks for your support.

PE sessions will continue as normal and all we ask is that children come to school with their trainers so that
they can take part in some special Pudsey PE!

Posters are being “posted” in and around school.

The Executive Committee Children in need

Chilton Foliat CE VA Primary School

Chilton Foliat CE VA Primary School