Residential Trips

It has long been acknowledged by schools that outdoor learning has equal value to indoor learning. In fact, it’s considered an essential requirement for a child’s development

Outdoor learning is known to have a very positive impact on a child’s well-being and growth.  Residentials provide a real opportunity for children to experience the outdoors, immerse themselves in lots of new activities and build a genuine sense of independence. There are lots of benefits in taking part in school residentials.  Many of these involve spending time outdoors, trying new sports and, most likely, being away from parents for the first time.

Year 5 & 6 have recently enjoyed their Oxenwood Adventure in May 2019 – please take a look at the children’s report below – and will doing the same in 2020. For our younger KS2 children in Year 3 & 4 we are planning for their adventure also in 2020. In the meantime, there will be many more local opportunities for outdoor learning in and enjoyment.

Awesome Oxenwood