Chilton Foliat Church of England (VA) Primary School Story Telling Centre recommended book list
We have created a selection of books which every one of our children will take pleasure in reading, or being read to and a mixture of the both. Our Story Telling Centre, recommended book list contains a core of books that will create a living library inside our children’s minds. It includes a store of classics and essential reads that help our children engage at a deeper level and enter the world of the story. As our children develop the ability to share their knowledge of stories they are building skills such as creativity, language development, communication skills, social skills and
confidence. These key components underpin every area of the curriculum and will set our children up for future academic and life success.

Our recommended book list also:
 Reflects the school values of ‘Love’, ‘Courage’ and ‘Thankfulness’ through the characters within each story.
 Includes Christian authors such as C.S Lewis and J.R Tolkein which allow the pupils to experience a deeper understanding of the Christian faith.
 Encourages knowledge, understanding and empathy by allowing the pupils to reflect about the identity, culture and alternative viewpoints in the world.
It is very much our aim that our pupils will have experienced the following books as they progress through their journey within Chilton Foliat School.

Story Telling Centre