International Links

Chilton Foliat Primary School nurture a cultural link with another primary school, École-primaire-Roland-Engerand, in the village Saint Cyr Sur Loire, in the Loire region of France.

Take a look at their web site using this link…..

The children from each school are allocated an individual child as their penpal. They handwrite to each other in both French and English and share:

  • About me?
  • Friends, family and pets
  • Comparing differences in the school day and learning journey
  • Discovery of learning a foreign language
  • Reinforcement of vocabulary included in their topics
  • Traditions, festivals, culture of their country
  • Geography of their local area, region and country
  • Culinary discovery

The children are thrilled to receive parcels, photos and correspondence from their friends in France, which prepares them for a lifelong appreciation of languages and foreign culture.

Mdme Sophie visits school every Tuesday teaching individual classes tailored lessons in French language and culture.