Curriculum and Learning

At Chilton Foliat Church of England (VA) Primary School we pride ourselves on offering a colourful and varied curriculum.

Wherever possible we embed learning within a topic in order to catch, or hook, children’s interests therefore leaving them eager to learn and find out more. We know that children who are enthusiastic will learn and we place this at the centre of our planning. We ensure our curriculum offers many first hand experiences, whether this is through a visiting author, a themed day, a school trip or a family learning day in order to stimulate learning for all children.

We provide a wide range of enriched educational opportunities including learning a musical instrument, specialist sports coaching, taking part in school productions or designing and creating a work of art. Expanding and celebrating every child’s strength is a key aim of Chilton Foliat School.

Our curriculum enables children to become independent learners, who understand both ‘what’ and ‘why’ they are learning and identify their next steps to success. We encourage active learning by promoting and supporting quality interaction through talking, listening, reflecting and responding. Children are encouraged to learn in a variety of ways individually, as a pair, or as part of a team.

We follow Letters and Sounds phonics scheme and The Oxford Reading Tree both of which are supported by other books in Key Stage 1

Below is the Curriculum Planning outlined for each year group for 2021/22

Chilton Foliat Primary School Curriculum Overview 2021 2022

2021 to 2022 Fallow Year 1 and 2 Long Term Planning Overview Cycle A

2021 2022 Muntjac Year 3 and 4 Long Term Plan Cycle A

2021 2022 SIka Year 5 and 6 Long Term Planning Overview Cycle A

If you require any further information on the curriculum please contact the class teachers directly.

Home Learning Policy

Please read our Home learning Policy – A Summary for Parents 2019


As I’m sure you all know, reading at home is probably the single most important thing a parent can do to support their child’s education. It is proven to make a real difference to educational outcomes. 

We are extremely proud of the importance our families place on reading with their children, from reception all the way up to Year 6, on a regular basis. We are grateful to all our families who read both with and to their child(ren) every day, ask questions about what is being read and then sign reading   records so that we can keep track of reading achievement in school. We love to celebrate reading achievements in class and as part of Celebration Assembly. 

Follow the link below for a list of recommended reading books

Story Telling Centre