Welcome to Chilton Foliat Primary School

Chilton Foliat is a small school with a clear vision to improve our children’s creativity and desire to learn.

Chilton Foliat Primary School is a nurturing village school with a strong family ethos. It is filled with imagination, enthusiasm, creativity, risk taking and challenges. We are proud of our heritage based on traditional Christian values. We encourage the children to learn in an exciting way with many stimulating opportunities.

We have recently joined MAEP (Marlborough Area Education Partnership) which offers many exciting prospects to enhance the children’s learning experiences.  The children will have opportunities to work collaboratively with pupils from other schools in the MAEP partnership.

We pride ourselves on our vast outside space, which allows children to run freely each day whilst learning in an outdoor environment. we are also able to make use of these facilities each day with sport and recreational activities.

Having our own kitchens allows us to provide healthy nutritional school meals easily for all the children at the school.

With our own off road parking we offer a safe, secure drop off and pick up as well as a designated entrance for parents and carers to access safely.

If you would like to come and look around our school at any time please contact us  via the website or telephone 01488 682630

Kindest regards,

Mrs Katie Turner