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Vision & Values Art Project.

Our vision and values art project is underway and the children are enjoying working with our visiting artist, Mrs Sue Faux. The project outcome is based on a Mappa Mundi – a historical map that illustrates what a society knows and what it believes is true (which can include truths but also myths). The images describe buildings, animals and natural landmarks that the community knows well, closer to the centre of the map, and images relating to “myths” further to the outside. Having discussed the brief with Sue she suggested we chose this method saying, “This seems synonymous with the position of pupils moving further afield as their education progresses and with the school’s Christian values finally chosen as Thanks, Courage and Love. Chilton Foliat has a long and interesting history and a Mappa Mundi would enable us to illustrate the past, present and future in the same piece, as well as creating an
opportunity to explore the history of the area.”

The project will culminate in the putting together of the final piece on the floor of the hall so that parents and pupils can view their work on Friday afternoon. When the building works in the hall have finished, it will be mounted on the wall. There is also a vision and values power point on the website, showing our progress towards the vision goal so far.

Vision Week Presentation 1