Support for Ukraine


Since the beginning of the Ukrainian crisis, many have been active in supporting the humanitarian response in aid of the people of Ukraine. At school, we have also been exploring with the children the notion of crisis through activities and themes. The themes: Freedom; Unity; Hope; Refuge; Solidarity and Peace, have enabled us to discuss difficult and troubling topics in a safe and supportive way.

As we prepare for Easter, we are thinking about the sacrifice Jesus made and making the  link with the enormous sacrifices the children of Ukraine are having to make and the courage they are showing, right now. With this in mind, School Council are working on an Easter holiday fund raising project which will be based on making a sacrifice.  Ideas include, doing jobs around the house, giving up playtime or free time in exchange for a small donation or sacrificing one less Easter egg treat and instead donating the money the School Council fund raising initiative. More details will be sent separately.

How we can help Ukraine