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Summer Holiday Reading Challenge 2020


Despite libraries not being open at the moment, children can still enjoy the Summer Reading Challenge with support from Wiltshire Council – with this year’s campaign having a very ‘silly’ theme.

The challenge, organised nationally by The Reading Agency, is being carried out digitally this year with children being encouraged to join the ‘Silly Squad’  –  a colourful array of cartoon animals. An online platform has been created so families can sign-up safely, create a personal profile, set their own reading goals, view book recommendations and access guides to e-learning. There will also be a forum to chat to friends, play games, download and print activities, as well as family activities with rewards and unlockable content to keep children and families engaged throughout the summer months. The platform is FREE for children and families to use. 

Based on age, Mrs Pinnegar has organised three different categories of suggested books to read – some inspiration to get you started. The book lists are not exhaustive and you can read others.  It would be super, if once you have read your book you post a review and a star rating (up to five stars) via TalktoMrsTurner and we can post your comments and ratings on the website. It’s a great way to share feedback and will encourage others to read the books you have enjoyed. The link to each of the book categories is below.

Ultimate Summer Challenge for 3 to 5 year olds

Ultimate Summer Challenge for 6 to 8 year olds

Ultimate Summer Challenge for 9 to 12 year olds