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Skipping Fun at Chilton Foliat

On Monday 4th November, all children at Chilton Foliat were treated to a special skipping workshop with Skip2BFit. The children had a chance to take part in our new 2-minute skipping challenge using our very cool ropes that counted how many they did!
Everyone had a fantastic time and this was particularly evident in the performance at the end of the day when our top child skipper (Archie with 257) competed in a 1-minute skip-off against myself. The children were all very excited to see Archie win!
The children are all now going to get a skipping rope which will be kept at school. These are being personalised for each child and they will be encouraged to use them to practise at break and lunch times. Every week, the children
will have a 2-minute skip to try and beat their score and then track their progress in the next weeks up until
Christmas. At Christmas, the children will then be allowed to take home their ropes.
If you or your child would like an extra rope to practise with in the meantime, feel free to come and see
the office where you can buy one for £6.00

Results for end of Autumn Term:

Class Roe Fallow Muntjac Sika
Most Improved



Hocking R

14 skips in 2 minutes


Wakeham-Thomas 1

118 skips in 2 minutes

Elsie Noon 3

225 skips in 2 minutes

Rebekka Lof 5

224 skips in 2 minutes

Most Improved



Kirby 1

15 skips in 2 minutes

George Harrison 2

136 skips in 2 minutes

Willow Maclachlan 4

213 skips in

2 minutes

Devon Dobson 6

211 skips in 2 minutes

Champion Overall

Blueberry Ball



50 skips in 2 minutes

Imogen Armstrong

137 skips in 2 minutes

Matilda Page

296 skips in 2 minutes

Cameron Morris

301 skips in 2 minutes

Archie Page

306 skips in 2 minutes