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School Lunches

I know that some people are still struggling to get to grips with the lunch booking system on Parent Pay. If you can, it is much easier to do it on a computer than a phone. From the office we are able to reset passwords and give advice but unfortunately we are unable to actually book the lunches for you. Please phone if you are stuck.
The new menu rotation will be online from Tuesday 20th March—please get bookings in as soon as you can.

Lunch Boxes
We have noticed lots of lunch boxes which do not qualify under our Healthy Schools charter.
Please remember that this is an important meal and should consist of a good mix of protein, carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables. We encourage parents to refrain from sending in sweet foods such as this includes chocolate and some cereal bars.

No nuts please!

As we have children with severe allergies who need Epipens, we wanted to remind parents that, in order to keep these children safe, we need to be a nut free environment. Any packed lunches or snacks brought into school should not contain nuts; this includes cereal bars, Nutella and peanut butter.