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School Closure in event of adverse weather

In the event of snow or treacherous driving conditions, the school may be forced to close or alter the daily routine, in which case the following communication arrangements will be put in place.
Full Day Closure
The decision whether we will be able to keep the school open will be taken by 7.15am and communicated:
 Via the school’s website
 Via Parent Mail
 Via Heart FM Radio Station
Weather conditions will continue to be tracked throughout the day and further advice will be communicated via the school’s website and Parent Mail.
Late Start
Based on the ability of school staff to make a slightly later journey into work, a late start of 10.30 am will be
communicated as above by 7.15am.
Closure during the school day
In the event of snow or treacherous driving conditions forecast during the day to affect school pick up and early evening travel, the decision to close the school early will be taken by 1.30pm and communicated as described above.
Understandably, it might not be possible to get back to school in time to collect your children early. We will enable parents and carers to collect other’s children although the school must be notified in advance either by phone or email that these arrangements are being made.
Of course, the school will go to every effort to keep operating as normal in the event of snow or treacherous driving conditions, however for the health and safety of pupils, their parents and carers and all members of staff, a variety of factors need to be taken into account such as appropriate adult to children ratios, distance of travel for all members of staff and local conditions for all.