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Reporting Absence and Registration

We are pleased to report that our overall attendance percentage for our summer term (April – July 2019) was 97.1% which is above the national average.

In order to maintain this good level of attendance, a reminder to all that holidays should not be taken during term time. As a Local Authority Maintained school we are bound by a legal requirement to adhere to our Local Authority policy. Part of this policy states that “Headteacher’s may authorise an absence from school during term time if there are exceptional circumstances.

Exceptional circumstances may include:
the death or terminal illness of a person in the immediate family service personnel and other employees who cannot take leave outside term time at any point in the academic year.
The Local Authority policy also provides information about the possibility of penalty notices or legal proceedings in the event of 10 or more sessions of unauthorised absence. For further information, about attendance expectations and why attendance at school is so important please follow this link:


Many thanks for your support.

Reporting Absence:
Please notify the office of any absence and the reason for it by 9.00am each day. If you are calling before 8.30am, please leave a message on the answer machine

Tel: 01488 682630 Email: admin@chiltonfoliat.wilts.sch.uk

Children go into class to be Registered at 8.50am. Any late arrivals should come to reception to fill out a late form.