Early Years Outdoor Area and Rain Garden

Early Years Outdoor Area and Rainscape for Water and Wildlife Project

We can’t quite believe the progress that has been achieved in the development of our early years outdoor area and Rainscape. It is one thing to see plans on paper but to see how quickly the plans have become a reality is outstanding. Words are simply not enough to express our thanks to Action for River Kennet (ARK) Wendy Allen Designs and all of the volunteers who have given up their time to make the magic happen. We should also be thankful for the substantial grant from DEFRA via North Wessex Downs AONB.

The first phase – the new play area and the construction of the rain planters situated at the front of the school – is complete. It is worth noting that the rain planters including the innovative rain chains, are a unique feature to the school, all credit to ARK and Wendy Allen Designs.

The Rainscape will offer all sorts of exciting features and opportunities for the children to learn and play, while at the same time benefiting the local environment through creative

management of rainwater.

Take a look at this photo link to see how the project has come to life.


Work on the second phase – the Rainscape located beyond the early years outdoor area – has taken place during the Easter holidays. Take a look at the photo link below.