Themed Week – Together and Connected


Date: Monday 12th Jul
Time: 12:00 am

Together and Connected – School Themed Week—Monday 12th to Friday 16th July 2021
In anticipation of the relaxation of COVID preventative measures, the school is planning to run a themed week 12th-16th July 2021 inclusive. We will come off timetable and celebrate being “Together and Connected”. Whilst the golden thread will be about community, many of the activities will focus on our core Christian values and vision links to the classic element of water. Our mission statement refers to how we “thirst for knowledge”, our vision imagery refers to how we, as a school and a community, reside next to the River Kennet and how it represents the vehicle for the children’s journey through school and beyond. Our theological underpinning (bible story) is the “Women at the Well.” We are also going to direct the children’s eco-attention to water management and hopefully bring to school visitors from organisations such as ARK who could help us explore how this can be achieved. As we are going to be
working with ARK on the Rainscape Project the links will be very relevant and the children will be involved in bringing water management strategies to life in their own school grounds.
The time table is nearly ready to release and with everything crossed, we will be able to invite our families into school to enjoy some of the highlights of our week of being together and connected. Here are a few examples:
-Music and lyric writing workshops based on Together – Song for Wiltshire. Tim Gilvin, composer, is
coming to school to run a lyric writing workshop with each class. An extra verse will be added to the
song linked to our community and vision and values
-Spirited Arts Competition
-Well-dressing – 3D art emphasising our theological underpinning and vision and values
-A biblical scavenger hunt using the biblical text which underpins our vision and values
-Re-visiting our vision – each class to create a sculpture or piece of art which we will use when we
come together in worship and place upon our altar as a symbol of community.