Parent’s charter on the appropriate use of social media relating to school


Date: Tuesday 19th Jul
Time: 9:00 am - 10:00 am

I would like to invite parents to attend an open meeting to discuss and formulate a charter for the appropriate use of social media as it relates to school. This meeting will take place on Tuesday 19th of July at 9.00am in the Club House. Without question, there is a positive and constructive role to be played by groups of parents coming together and sharing information about school on platforms such as What’s App and Facebook. So that this great collaboration and communication can continue, a parent’s charter on acceptable use, formulated by parents, for parents, will provide everybody with the security and knowledge of how to use social media (as it relates to school) to achieve maximum positive impact. I fully appreciate that not all interested parents will be able to attend the meeting. If at all possible you could nominate a representative (s) from each class to speak your on your behalf. Views can also be sent directly to school using the address.
Your support is much appreciated