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Curriculum News.

Ofsted are launching their new inspection framework from September 2019 (https://www.gov.uk/
government/publications/education-inspection-framework). In a recent report Ofsted says, “We are proposing an evolutionary shift that rebalances inspection to look rather more closely at the substance of education: what is taught and how it is taught, with test and exam outcomes looked at in that context, not
in isolation. Outcomes clearly matter and will of course continue to be considered, in the context of what
is being taught.” (Education Inspection Framework 2019: Inspecting the Substance of Education. May
We are preparing to meet the needs of the new framework, from the strategic to the operational. To give
just one example, the school has had some recent success in securing support for professional development in both Phonics and Maths. We will be working with our local English Hub receiving both subject
leadership support and a grant to upgrade our phonics book scheme. In maths, we have been accepted
into a Primary Teaching for Maths Mastery Work Group supported by the National Centre for Excellence in
the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM). Both initiatives will contribute positively to the substance of the education we provide to all our children.