Welcome! We are Roe Class – Reception and Year 1

We are taught by Mrs Gibson and Mrs Hicks.

Are you ready for a dinosaur discovery? This term we will become dinosaur hunters ~ Do you know how tall a T-Rex was or what a Stegosaurus ate? Find out as the children explore fossils, create dinosaur worlds and even dig up a few bones!! Take a look at our topic web to find out more…

Please continue to support your child at home with reading ~ a short daily read is essential to children becoming fluent and confident readers. This could include practicing letter sounds, blending sounds to read individual words and learning tricky words. It is also important to ask questions about what they have read, whether they like a particular character or which words help describe something to them. This makes a huge difference to their ability to comprehend texts in addition to mastering the mechanics of reading.

In maths, you can support your child by counting and recognising numbers (to 100 in year 1 and to 20 in reception). This term in class we will focus on place value and addition and subtraction, including counting in 2s, 5s and 10s in year 1. You could challenge your child to know their number bonds, first of all to 5, then to 10 and in year 1 to 20.

Children in Year 1 have homework packs to support during the completion of homework tasks. Please check that you have everything you need. Reading and spelling homework can also be found by following the link below which will provide you with words to learn until October half term.

Year 1 spellings Autumn 1 2019

Year 1 Spellings Autumn 2 2019

Year 1 Spellings Spring 1 2020

Year 1 Spellings Spring 2 2020

Reading Scheme for EYFS and KS1

Please remember, we are always here to help, so do share any concerns you may have or talk to us about your child’s progress on a regular basis.

With kind regards

Team Roe

Dinosaur topic web

KS1 Fallow and Roe Class Autumn Term 1 2019 Knowledge Organiser Dinosaur Discovery

A Journey to Africa 2020