Welcome! We are Roe Class – Reception 

Welcome to Summer Term 2022

We hope that you all had a restful Easter break and are refreshed and ready for the final two terms of the year. The Summer Term is always busy with many exciting events, preparations for the end of the school year and a looking forward to becoming a year 1.

This term our curriculum theme is ‘All at Sea’ and focusses on sea creatures, at the beach, floating and sinking and looking after oceans. Through the story ‘Rainbow Fish’ we will learn about life under the sea as well as developing our understanding of kindness, sharing and our Christian value love. We’ll also be creating our own stories using the text ‘Sand Dragon’ and devising a set of rules for how to keep safe at the beach. The information text ‘Brilliant Boats’ will support our understanding of the role of life boats and lead us to make and launch boats of our own. Of course, there will also be many opportunities to use our newly refurbished outdoor area! Be sure to bring some wellies for sand and water play and the big dig area.

Last term we thought about our need for water and how precious this is. This term we’ll be extending this understanding through the story ‘Somebody Swallowed Stanley’ reflecting on how we can keep our oceans clean and the sea creatures safe from harm. Take a look at our curriculum map for more information on activities and events, including growing plants and butterflies.

In phonics, we will have a short recap of the phase 3 digraphs before we begin phase 4 of the programme. This phase teaches the reading of words with adjacent consonants. We’ll begin with words that have short vowel sounds, for example: – hand, went, pond, slug, plum then move onto words with long vowel sounds, for example: – toast, green, crown, snail.

In maths, we’ll be looking for patterns as we learn about numbers beyond ten. We’ll also be sharing our find of buried treasure and using our doubloons to double and halve numbers as well as exploring addition and subtraction. We’ll be following the children’s interest of map making to develop spatial reasoning and a recent interest of ice-cream to develop an understanding of money.

In term 5, RE will focus on ‘What we can Learn from Stories’ and in term 6 on ‘Special Places’. Our theme week ‘The Platinum Jubilee’ will reflect on service alongside our Christian value ‘love.’ Ideas and understanding will be extended from this to reflect on how love and service are shown in the Bible and through our everyday lives.

Our PE day will remain on a Friday and the children should still come to school dressed in their PE kit for Term 5. For term 6, children should leave their PE kit in school so that we can take opportunities of (hopefully) pleasant weather, to brush up on our Sport’s Day skills. Please still remember to name and regularly check all clothing, as we have a number of missing items at the moment.

Please do come and ask a member of the team if you need any further information or just want to chat about how your child is getting along. Also, look out for dates and times of upcoming events, including a possible school trip.

With thankfulness, courage, and love, we strive to improve heart and mind.

Happy learning everyone,

Team Roe

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