Welcome! We are Roe Class – Reception 

Welcome to Roe Class! It’s been great to finally meet everyone properly and the children all seem to be settling well. This term our topic is ‘Down on the Farm’, which is all about the animals that live there and where our food comes from. It encompasses harvest and the importance of looking after God’s beautiful world, whilst building an understanding of the need to be thankful. We’ll be taking a close look at the traditional tale ‘The Little Red Hen’.
It’s one of my favourites! After we’ve learnt the story, complete with actions and voices (and of course made some bread) we’ll make our own versions of the story. Take a look at our class ‘topic web’ for more information, activities, and events.
We’ll begin our phonics programme at the start of this term and your child will be bringing home a wallet with letter tiles that match what we have learnt in class. Look out for further information about how to support your child with phase 2 Letters and Sounds.
In maths we will begin sorting, grouping, and counting sets of objects to ten and your child’s thoughts and responses will be recorded in a floor book. This will highlight our achievements  and our mathematical journey over the year. RE will focus on God and Creation in Term 1 and Incarnation (God coming to Earth as a baby) in Term 2. As mentioned earlier this fits beautifully with our Christian value of thankfulness “God wants us to be thankful for all his gifts”.
Our PE day will be Fridays for this term. Please ensure that your child’s PE kit is in school for this day, although we do recommend that his/her kit is left in school for the whole week and contains a change of underwear/clothing in case of any accidents. For the first few weeks we may only change socks and shoes as we all get used the new routines. Please also remember to name all items of clothing as they can become jumbled when children repack
their bags! PE will be taken by Mrs Hicks, as Friday is my Planning, Preparation and Assessment time.
Reading Your child should now bring his/her book bag to school every day. In the book bag there should initially be a reading log and your child’s wallet with letter tiles in. In the near future they will also be allocated reading books and a letter formation mat. There will be further information on this as we begin our phonic/reading programme.
Please could I also ask that no water battles are placed inside the book bags, as we have had many ruined books over the years, which are costly to replace.
With thankfulness, courage and love, we strive to improve heart and mind.
Snack and Milk All children receive a carton of milk in school free of charge until their 5th birthday. If you wish
your child to still receive milk after his/her birthday, you will need to make a payment to Cool Milk (contact the school office for further details). We are also fortunate to be part of a government scheme, which provides free fresh fruit and vegetables for children in years R to 2, so no need to bring a snack to school.
Please do come and ask if you need anything or just want to chat about how your child is  getting along. We aim to work in partnership to provide every child with a happy and smooth start to school life.
Kind regards
Team Roe
Mrs Gibson, Mrs Stubbs, Mrs Hicks and Mrs Drew

Roe Class Down on the Farm Curriculum Overview Autumn Term 1 2021