Welcome! We are Roe Class – Reception and Year 1

This term’s topic of ‘Through th Keyhole’, focusses on houses and homes. We will be thinking about our own house, some houses of well known story characters and houses of long ago, including those in The Great Fire of London.

There will be a strong emphasis on the scientific skill of observation, during term one. This will involve the children exploring how we use our senses to gain information and investigate change over time. This will also be linked to Autumn and poetry writing. In term two, we will be performing simple scientific tests to investigate different materials ~ let’s hope we can keep those three little pigs safe from all that huffing and puffing.

The children will also be engaged in a number of art and modelling techniques, in particular the use of different tools to achieve effects with paint and clay.

We’ll be keeping Internet safe with Smartie the Penguin and developing the Christian values of respect and friendship. Of course, we’ll be having fun during the Christian festivals of Harvest and Christmas.