Welcome! We are Muntjac Class and we are Y3 and Y4 pupils

Muntjac class are taught by Mr Hughes. 

Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome to Summer Term 5 & 6 2019 in Muntjac Class

There is a very exciting Summer term ahead for Muntjac class. Our topic is ‘Coasts’ and will hopefully include a fantastic trip to Ufton Court towards the end of term! I do hope you find the attached topic web useful so that you can see all of the different associated areas of learning that the children will explore and how links across the curriculum will be made.

There is nothing more important you can do for your child than to read with them every night for 10 minutes or more. It is simply essential for the development of their reading skills both in fluency and comprehension.  Please try to ask questions of them as they read, such as asking them to predict what will happen next or to ask them why characters made certain decisions.

It is also vital that you help your child to practise their times tables. Children are expected by the end of Year 4 to be fluent in them up until 12 x 12 therefore any additional practice they can receive at home would be much appreciated! We are focusing on the formal methods of calculation in class this term so the children will be learning the three column methods for addition, subtraction and multiplication as well as the bus-stop method for division.

Please do feel free to come and speak to me should you have any issues regarding your child.

With best regards,

Mr Hughes

Summer Topic Web Muntjac – Coasts