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All Change!

This is the title of our learning for the Spring term, which focuses on invaders and settlers (having jumped along the timeline from the end of the Stone Age, through the Bronze and Iron Ages, by-passing the Romans, to reach the Anglo-Saxon era.)

We will be exploring the life of the Anglo-Saxons, where they came from and where they settled, discovering the history behind place names and the development of a written culture.

Making links in our learning we will use art and design to create our own Anglo-Saxon shields and helmets.  Cross referencing Science, we will attempt to make fossils and also use cookery skills to create rock and soil cakes to complete both these units of science exploration.

After half term, we will change focus to a geography based topic and learn about mountains, how they are formed and how they affect climate, and the water cycle.

In maths we will continue to develop our skills with efficient written methods of calculation and applying our learning to problem solving. We will develop our multiplication and division skills, before moving to measures and statistics.

Music lessons will include teaching the children to read music through learning to play the recorder, as well as singing and composition.  Our focus is a rap song with an anti-bullying message.

Our RE lessons begin with whether Buddha’s teachings make the world a better place, through which we explore what he taught about change. Leading up to Easter, we explore the Christian concept of “Salvation” and ask whether it is possible to always show forgiveness as a Christian.

Sport will be hockey and rugby for our outdoor games lessons with Mr Peters, and our REAL PE sessions focus on balance and coordination together with ball skills which are applicable in a wide range of sports.

Please continue to support the homework that children undertake.  It is essential that they are embedding their times tables knowledge and spellings, in addition to reading, the Mathletics challenges and literacy based challenges.

We look forward to another full and engaging term of learning!  



Muntjac Class