Welcome! We are Fallow Class and we are Y1 and Y2 pupils

Fallow class is taught by Mrs Jepson & Mrs Turner.

We hope you have had a great summer break and are looking forward to the new term in Fallow Class.
Our topic is “Down on the Farm” looking at history within living memory, based on the food we eat and how it is produced. An in-house visit from Newbury Showground Education is already booked to enhance this understanding. We will explore some changes in farming practises, and incorporate geography and history within the topic. Our English will support the language learning and continue along some animal themes.
Phonics and Maths will be taught specifically to each year group. In Maths we will be using a variety of concrete apparatus and a kinaesthetic approach to embed mental calculation.
Practise and over-learning of number counting, number bonds and the first times tables will be a daily activity through our CLIC maths lesson in addition to the main development of knowledge.
An overview of all the subjects we will cover, in as exciting and cross curricular way as possible, can be found on our topic web. A copy of the key language the children will be using across a range of subjects is also included in the knowledge organisers. We ask that these knowledge organisers are referred to at home and used to support your child’s language development.
With a new year and increasingly independence, the children will quickly settle into Fallow Class’s routine. Please help them by:
 reverting back to normal, bringing in book bags on a daily basis
 lining up at the right place and time for safe entry into their class at the start of each day, at which time the register is taken.
 providing a water bottle and raincoat each day, plus school cap if it is hot.
 having the right kit ready – Thursday and Friday will be PE days and they will need to come to school in appropriate kit, with a change of jumper available if they get wet.
Whilst the weather is good, we will go outside as much as possible.
 ensuring that reading and, where appropriate, letter tiles, are practised daily.
Reading books will be changed every Friday. Please note for the first full week back at school, reading books have been handed out (Monday 6th September) and we ask you to read with your child and be ready to return your book on Friday 10th September so that we can begin the new book changing cycle. The children are all welcome to bring in their bookbags once again. Reading continues to mirror the phonics stage that the children have reached.
With thankfulness, courage and love, we strive to improve heart and mind.
Homework will be to learn spellings (differentiated), daily reading and some number activities. Specific additional  tasks will be set fortnightly on a Friday to be returned the following Thursday.
If you have any queries about our learning, please do ask.
Wishing you all a happy and healthy Autumn term!
Kind regards
Mrs Jepson and Mrs Turner

Fallow Class Down on the Farm Curriculum Overview Autumn Term 1 2021