Welcome! We are Fallow Class and we are Y1 and Y2 pupils

Fallow class is taught by Mrs Jepson & Mrs Turner.

Dear Fallow Children and parents/carers,


We are delighted to be bringing all the children back together in class and, with our rules and routines in place to keep us all as safe as possible, we pray that this will be the new beginning.  A few key points in readiness for next week:

Book Bags

As before, please bring this in on a Friday (Monday 8th March in the first week) and we will issue books on a Monday to take home.  Return the book bag on Friday again.

Home Learning Books

We would like to see on paper how well you all achieved with your home learning.  Please bring in your exercise books and the maths work books so we can provide feedback and praise.

Reading Books

Many of you still have reading books at home from before Christmas.  Our stocks of the new scheme books are limited and we urge you to find all those that were loaned and to return them.  These will be placed in our quarantine box and, after a quick assessment, we will issue new home readers based on current phonics knowledge.

Please bear with us in the first week back as we work through what the children have already read and what their next steps in reading are. There may well be some overlap between the Ebooks and the hard copies, but remember that we are aiming for fluency and reading “like the storyteller” so repetition of a familiar book is a good thing!

PE – Friday

Innovate will be teaching our PE on Friday in an extended afternoon session. This will involve multi- sport skills, team building and games. Please come to school in PE kit and trainers in readiness. A spare jumper should be in your bag on your peg just in case you get wet.

In addition to Fridays, we will be using Imoves across the week to give us brain breaks and keep us moving.


Make sure that you have ordered a school lunch if this is required. Mrs Ody works magic but needs to order her deliveries in advance! If in doubt please phone or email the school office immediately.

Water Bottles

Remember a water bottle! These can be refilled during the day.


With the continued requirement for social distancing, please either continue to use Teams or email the office.  We will get back to you as soon as possible.

With thankfulness, courage and love,

Mrs Jepson and Mrs Turner

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