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The Summer term involves lots of outdoor activities and we take much of our learning inspiration from the environment around us.  We have called our topic “I-Spy Roses and Castles”, as we will be exploring the local area of Marlborough and learning about canals, and this is a reference to old canal art as well as Marlborough’s 11th century castle.  We hope to include two trips: one to explore Marlborough and specifically the history of the town through The Merchants House; a trip to Crofton Beam Engines to consolidate our learning about canals.

To continue the watery theme we will create information texts about the artist Monet, whose work we shall try to emulate through collage, water colour, pastels and print.  We will also look at canal art and how it is used on boats and utensils.

Our English focus is on non-fiction text and we will be using our topic, art and science knowledge to create different types of reports.

In Science we will learn about Green Plants and Living Things. We will make the most of our school grounds and the outdoors to explore our learning.  Our activities at Oxenwood include stream dipping and a nature walk, so we will be referring back to this in our later learning.

In Maths we will continue to develop our skills with efficient written methods of calculation and applying our learning to problem solving. Fractions will be revisited and we will build upon our work in this area.  Times tables knowledge is critical in so much maths and our challenge is to know all our times tables securely.

Music lessons will continue to teach the children to read music through learning to play the recorder, as well as singing and composition. We will also be working with Sika on an exciting end of year musical production.

Sport will be cricket, rounders and athletics.  We will be improving our throwing and catching skills and putting them into action.

We look forward to another action-packed term of exciting learning.



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