Good News to Share from Chilton Foliat

Every Friday you will be able to see who has been awarded either a Reading Award, a Headteacher’s Award or a Growth Mindset Certificate. 

Whilst we are not able to invite our families into school to celebrate our children’s successes, you will be able to see how much we still strive to improve heart and mind and continue to develop our Growth Mindset skills.

Congratulations to all the children who have received a certificate this week,

House Points and Running Total up to w/e 23rd April 2021 (including HSL period)

Kennet:                   Roe 93 / 133    Fallow 10 / 250  Muntjac  52 / 1120  Sika 29 / 208      ASC  12 / 39

Leverton:               Roe 152 / 201  Fallow 8 /  178    Muntjac  66 / 1014  Sika 17 / 183        ASC  48 / 81  

Littlecote:              Roe 385 / 430 Fallow 13 / 310  Muntjac  62 / 932     Sika 29 / 209      ASC  43 / 68

Soley:                      Roe 127 / 190   Fallow 2 / 126   Muntjac  48 / 1004    Sika 12 / 143       ASC  10 / 35

Head Teachers Award: 


Fallow: Grant 

Muntjac: Evelyn

Sika: Willow

Growth Mindset: 

Fallow: George W

Muntjac: James

Muntjac: Minnie

Sika: Libby S

Reading Awards:

Roe: Catherine (Gold)

Fallow: Sebastian & Eleanor

Muntjac: Georgie and George (Silver)

Sika: Alfie and Lily (Silver) Scarlett and Zara (Gold)

Comic Relief

The total amount the school raised was £159.02, this includes £72.02 of paypal money for joke book orders

Please see Daisy’s Plan below

d Archie (Bronze)

Easter Service

We can’t wait to see you again soon

Please click on the link below to see our virtual tour of the school which has been available for new prospective parents (password is Welcome)

Virtual Tour

Christmas Nativity

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Harvest Service

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Chilton Foliat pupils interview Danny Kruger MP

Year Six Leavers Service

A message from our leavers to new starters