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Car Park & Building Work

After a few quiet weeks on the construction front, the building project has suddenly burst forward again! In a matter of days we saw the building’s base and walls go up, and with work now commencing on the roof, the magnitude of the new building is plain to see. We will keep you posted on progress. You may have also noticed that ground works have started on the new housing development up the hill from the school. There will be six semi-detached houses, some green open space, and a much anticipated football pitch! Attached is a drawing to give you an idea of what is to come. It is hoped the most disruptive work close to the school and car park will take place during the Easter holidays. It is worth noting that the school car park, as with the land beyond it, does not belong to the school. The school is privileged to continue to benefit from this very unique asset, and we thank the landowner for his generosity. We thank you for your patience while access is disrupted, and ask that you drive very slowly and carefully in and around the school and the village.

170110-03A Site Plan Site B 2018.02.26

With 92 children at the school the car park will be under increased pressure. Keeping to the 5mph limit will help maintain the surface gravel, as well as being safer for the children and adults. Please park considerately – if we do this there will be room for many more cars.
Also it is important that a one way system is operated around the car park for safety of the children entering and leaving the school. Please inform all family members who may drop or collect your children 

Access to the school will be through the little gate by the main entrance from 08.40 – 09.00am each morning and 15.20 – 15.40pm each evening, outside of this hours please use the main entrance to drop off or collect children